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 FEAR Charter

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PostSubject: FEAR Charter   FEAR Charter EmptySat Oct 25, 2008 4:47 pm


We the people for the betterment of our future, for our security and prosperity, for the rights and freedoms granted to each and every man regardless of believe and or merit form Federation of Elite Allied Renegades on the principles of unity, justice, equality, and liberty for all people.

Article I: Declaration

From this day forward this nation shall be called simply "Federation of Elite Allied Renegades" and all its members and citizens shall be referred to as "FEAR".

Article II: The Founders

-The Founders is what the two primary leaders are referred to. They hold sole power over FEAR and have the final say in all actions dealing with the nation as a whole. They are lifetime members and are not elected but may choose to step down on their own at which time the Founder stepping down may appoint a new Founder. The Founders also govern over the FEAR Court and the Military.

-The Founders hold the power to declare war, call for votes on issues, implement laws, maintain laws, change laws, enforce laws, invoke restrictions and increase commerce.

-The Founders can not at anytime breach the rights granted by the "City Rights" Article and can not create laws and regulations that prohibit the use of the City Rights Article. The Founders can however call for a "National Military Enforcement Act" which will suspend the City Rights Article for no more then 10 days.

Article III: Department Minister

-The Term "Minister" applies to those few members in charge of one of the several departments of FEAR. There are 5 departments. Department of Defense, Department of Internal Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Finance, and Department of Recruitment. Therefore there are 5 Ministers over the departments.

-Each Minister is elected every 3 months. A Minister can be removed from his/her position upon a unanimous vote by the Founders, at which time the Founders can appoint a new Minister for the remaining time of the term prior to elections.

-The Minister's are to maintain their respected Departments on a regular bases.

Article IV: Departments

-Department of Defense: Works directly under the Founders in order to maintain a sizable military presence, train and facilitate new members, process battle reports and report any information on military affairs and numbers directly to the Founders.

-Department of Internal Affairs: Works to maintain the forums appearance and keep order in the forums. Handles all internal affairs that assists the Founders. Must asses all new members city, and help members build their cities efficiently.

-Department of Foreign Affairs: Works to create and maintain foreign relations with other nations. Has complete access to the Embassies and works with the Founders to create bonds that will lead FEAR into relations that will become stronger.

-Department of Finance: Works to ensure funding to new cities, as well as ensures the correct aid is distributed to members. Also watches over the progression of cities when it comes to funding for projects and improvements.

-Department of Recruitment: Works with the Founders to formulate idea's and plans to increase membership.

Article V: Laws and Regulations

-The Founders create and enforce all laws with suggestions by members allowed to supplied via form to the Founders office. The Founders will then debate and hold a vote to either accept or decline the proposal. The Founders hold the right to change the laws via Article Change format that will then be voted upon by the Founders.

-Members and Minister personal are bound to all laws and regulations and to follow them at all times. Failure to obey a rule and or regulation implemented by the Founders for the betterment of FEAR will result in punishment ranging from termination of all trade's, fines, forced reduction in military, termination of position in the Confederacy, and or finally termination from FEAR.

Article VI: Elections

-All Ministers are elected officials. An election will be held every 3 months. Any FEAR member may run for any office of their choice.

-The election will run for no less the 6 days. 2 days nomination period, 2 day debate period, and 2 day voting period.

Article VII: City Rights

-Every city holds the right to research, produce and maintain a sizable nuclear arsenal. The right to attack any unaligned city that has not been active no less then 5 days. Every city holds the right to have their voice heard in FEAR Assembly. Each city has the ability to run for a position in the elected Minister spots of the Departments. Each city has the right to vote in deciding those Minister positions. Each City has the right to aid any FEAR city as they see fit unless said city is being punished for not following procedures. Each city is granted the right to free speech so long as it is not negative to the FEAR's Allies.

Article VIII: IRC

-At no time are any members allowed to discuss internal FEAR politics, military information, and or other information regarding the FEAR's private channels on public IRC channels. Failure to comply to this demand will result in immediate termination of all trades held between said city and other FEAR Cities.

Article IX: Trades

-FEAR allows trades with external sources but promotes its members to only trade with members inside its own nation. To this extent we offer payment for holding FEAR Trades only.

1 FEAR Trade: 25k
2 FEAR Trade: 50k
3 FEAR Trade: 100k
4 FEAR Trade: 200k

This is done in one lump sum upon registering how many internal trades you have with FEAR Members only to the Department of Finance.

Article X: Aid

-Aid is freely given when possible. All nations that are above 20k population are required to give a minimal of 500k a month in aid to new recruits and growing members. During War those with the most losses and those that are in the red will receive the aid first followed by those that are still in the green but still require aid to rebuild Infrastructure.
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FEAR Charter
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