Federation of Elite Allied Renegades
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Federation of Elite Allied Renegades

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 Island Oasis: Farkland Islands - FEAR Protectorate

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Jaymes Markham
Jaymes Markham

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Island Oasis: Farkland Islands - FEAR Protectorate Empty
PostSubject: Island Oasis: Farkland Islands - FEAR Protectorate   Island Oasis: Farkland Islands - FEAR Protectorate EmptyTue Nov 04, 2008 10:26 am

Quote :

Protectorate Agreement between The Farkland Islands and Federation of Elite Allied Renegades(FEAR).

In order to further friendship, security, and peace Farkland Islands and the FEAR agree that FEAR shall become a protectorate of Farkland Islands.

Article I:
FEAR and The Farkland Islands agree to treat each other with respect and friendship at all times.

Article II:
FEAR and Farkland Islands will consider any attack on one another as an attack on both Countries. If the Farkland Islands should conduct an offensive war, FEAR is not required to aid Farkland Islands unless they so choose to after a request from Farkland Islands. FEAR will not conduct any offensive war without the approval of Farkland Islands. If Farkland Islands approves of a FEAR offensive war, Farkland Islands will provide whatever level of aid it chooses.

Article III:
If FEAR requests it, the Farkland Islands will provide a small number of advisors in military, trade and economic areas.

Article IV:
Farkland Islands and FEAR agree to share intelligence on potential threats with each other. Farkland Islands and FEAR agree to keep any intelligence shared confidential if requested.

Article V:
Farkland Islands will in no way interfere in FEAR internal affairs. FEAR will clear all treaties with other alliances with Farkland Islands. FEAR can also request Farkland Islands use its larger diplomatic ties to assist it in diplomatic matters.

Article VI:
If in the event that FEAR is on the verge of disbandment or complete colapse, FEAR is required to merge with only Farkland Islands.

Article VII:
Either Farkland Islands or FEAR can cancel this agreement at anytime, with the protectorate becoming void 72 hours after both alliances are notified.

Signed for The Farkland Islands:
Secretary General - EcoBuckeye
Speaker of the Council - Bou
Total Fark Council - nellman
Total Fark Council - maximus bluntus
Total Fark Council - LordMyself
Total Fark Council - spleen63
Minister of Foreign Affairs - UltimateDogg
Minister of Defense - Leisure Suit Larry
Minister of Internal Affairs - Deacon

Signed for The Federation of Elite Allied Renegades:
Tutanka-Minister of Internal Affairs
Bobby-Minister of Recruitment

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Island Oasis: Farkland Islands - FEAR Protectorate
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